Workflow of BCXLINK



BCXLink imports announcement placeholders from the station scheduler.


Two methods are used, direct ingest from a memory stick or FTP transfer across the network. Once these are in place - the process moves on to recording.



Each BCXLink Playout terminal can provide audio on up to eight TV channels simultaneously.


The program receives commands from the automation system either via TCP/IP or VDCP drivers.

Links are played out using a professional audio interface normally outputting AES/EBU signals to the transmission vision mixer.



Voice over artists can record any number of 'Links' - minutes, hours, days or even weeks ahead of transmission.


A vital feature of BCXLink is the ability to automatically "top & tail" recordings so that there is no "dead air" front or back of the link.



The management component of BCXLink automatically scans on a daily basis each of the links for its "kill by date", when this is exceeded, BCXLink deletes or archives the item.



Once the recordings have been completed, the voice over artist commits the link to the system.


All links are stored on a central fileserver at the broadcast centre ready for transmission.


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